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Organic care for nails: useful tips

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Having an impeccable manicure is a must for anyone. You have to find out what are the best products for your nails, and to make sure that you apply them on time to strengthen your nails. In this article you will find out what is the best organic care for your nails, and how you can make a difference in only a few weeks.

Why choose organic care for your nails?

Indeed, there are many products and lotions that you can use, and most of them are not organic. However, if you use cosmetics that contain chemicals you are forcing your body to accept something that is not natural or beneficial. With organic lotions you can obtain great results and you will know for sure that you are not loading up your body with toxins.

What are the best products?

When it comes to organic care for nails, the best products that you can use are essential oils. You can apply them as often as you can and they will help you have amazing nails in just a few weeks. You can go for parsley essential oil, lavender oil and even jojoba oil. Apply them separately or mix them together, and soak your nails in oil for a few minutes. Then you can wait for a few hours before washing your hands, to make sure that your nails absorbed all the great nutrients from the oils.

Another tip for organic care for nails is to soak your nails in lemon. Lemon contains substances that will not only strengthen your nails, but it will also whiten them. If you have yellow nails because of the nail polish or you simply want to make them more beautiful, you will be amazed by this method. Cut a lemon in half and soak your nails in the pulp of the lemon. You can keep them like this for 5 minutes every day, or you can simply apply natural lemon juice a few times per week. Either way, the results will appear sooner than you think.

If you want to take things even further, you can apply the treatment at night and sleep with cotton gloves on your hands. In this way you will not wipe the treatment off your nails when you sleep, and you will wake up the second day with hydrated hands and nails.

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While you do all this it’s a good idea to maintain your nails without nail polish, or to use an organic one. In this way you will accelerate the growing process and you will know for sure that your nails will never break or chip again.

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