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Organic Skin Care

Why is everyone talking about organic skin care? Is there anything special that makes it different from other forms of skin care or products? These are some of the questions that people asked about organic skin care products. It is a good thing for you to ask questions about something that you don’t understand. Organic skin care is one of such things that many people don’t really understand, however, it is one of the trending discussions in every region. So what exactly is organic skin care, and how is it different from other forms of care and/ or products? Let’s take a look at few things about it.

What the word “organic” mean?

I’m sure you don’t want to have problems identifying the best products in the store. The word organic is very common, yet many people don’t understand the usage. If you’ve been checking the labels on different products in the store, you might have seen something like “natural skin care product” and “organic skin care products”. Are they really different? This is where many people get confused. If you ask some store attendants they might tell you that the two are the same. However, unfortunately, both products are different.

Organic skin care products undergo rigorous screening before they can be certified.
According to the USDA, organic skin care products must contain 95% organic ingredients or higher. The ingredients must be free of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizer and pesticides. Furthermore, it must not contain any genetically modified organism (GMO). In the USA, products that contain about 70% or higher organic contents can be advertised as “made with organic ingredients”, however, it does not mean that the product is free from synthetic chemicals. Skin care products can be labeled “natural” provided they contain natural ingredients even at low concentration.

Why organic skin care is the best

Now that you know what organic skin care products are you might want to know why they are the best for your skin. Below are some of the reasons:

1. They contain a high concentration of natural ingredients (95% and above).
2. No harmful contaminants.
3. Certified by the USDA.
4. It does not contain synthetic chemical or genetically modified organism.
5. It prevents skin infections such as acne, and
6. Rejuvenates mature skin.

Having listed some of the benefits of organic skin care and why they are the best for your skin, you’d definitely want to say farewell to conventional skin care.

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